I’ve always had a wild heart. and now i’m wandering…

You’ve found Wildheart Wanders. Wander with us!

I’ve been living full time in my RV since September 2018.

I travel with my tortie cat, Biscuit, across the continental United States. We’re in search of the real America…and anywhere there isn’t snow and ice. I try to capture our beautiful vistas on canvas, in watercolors, and in original drawings.

I’m a freelance writer, marketing consultant, metal detectorist…and weather weenie.

I work on the road via the Internet—a “digital nomad.” And I’m working on a book about how to live this lifestyle safely, affordably and successfully as a solo traveler.

Weather Weenie

As a longtime emergency management volunteer, SkyWarn Storm Spotter, and sometime tornado chaser, I’m dedicated to helping fellow nomads understand our unique vulnerability to severe weather, and what to do about it.

Metal Detectorist

I’m an avid metal detectorist and wrote the QuickStart Guide, Metal Detecting for Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started. I teach workshops on the road, and maintain a metal detecting website and Facebook page.


I’ve been a writer most of my life, an author since 1991, and an independent publisher since 2005. I offer book shepherding to authors who want to self-publish, helping them avoid the many pitfalls of today’s indie publishing  industry.

Marketing Consultant

With nearly 35 years in the field. I consult with small to medium businesses and solopreneurs seeking to establish and maintain their brands and market positions. I offer content development and strategy, websites, and public relations.

What The Heck Am I Doing?

 Everyone comes to that point in their life where they realize they aren’t quite where they thought they’d be by this time. The difference is that some people do something about that, and others simply choose to continue on the path that led them to where they don’t really want to be, because they’re too scared to try something different. 

When I reached my mid-50s and realized little in my life was what I really wanted, I knew the only one who could change that was me. I had always wanted to see more of the United States, and realized I was never going to be any younger or healthier than I was right then. I knew it was time to do it while I could still fully enjoy it.

Since I had already been self-employed for nearly two decades, and my work is portable, that was the easy part. Everything else? Not so much. But I jumped in and here I am. It’s a challenging life, but it’s worth it.

What People Are Saying

About the Blog:

“I’m loving these updates. I even go back and re-read if I can’t follow the wiring explanation the first time around. It’s like being part of it.”

– D.S.B. in Germany

About the Site:

“Fantastic, Super Cool! I’m so proud of you for doing this and thanks so much for sharing your journey and inspiration! I’d love to be doing this one day also.”

– Anita in Alabama

About the Lifestyle:

“I should have done something like what you are doing, when I was your age. Knowing you, I am certain you will make many new friends and a lasting impression on each and every one of them. The adventure that awaits you is so alluring!”

– L.W. in Pennsylvania