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One of the reasons so many of us are now able to be full-time nomads is that technology has caught up to our wanderlust. Sure, there have nearly always been helps such as kerosene lanterns and portable stoves since the first camper hit the road. But the safety, convenience, affordability and ease-of-use of all kinds of technology have improved to the point where almost anyone can create and manage it enough to become a full-time nomad today, whether still working or retiring.

And as much of a blessing as that is, it’s also something of a curse for those who are not particularly adept at things mechanical or technical. Happily, it’s all learnable. Most of it isn’t difficult to learn so much as it is a bit overwhelming in the beginning, simply because there is so much to it. The trick in managing the gaining of this knowledge and these skills is like any other: Break it down into smaller, logical chunks that you can handle at one time; get through each one, then move on to the next.

I will emphasize that you must have patience and kindness with yourself as you delve into these subjects, and of course it never hurts to have guidance from someone who already understands it. That’s what I hope to offer here: a bit of guidance and understanding, and referrals to other resources whose knowledge and skill exceeds my own, and from whom I am still learning.

And that’s the last concept I will leave you with: Technology is ever-evolving, so none among us will ever know everything there is to know. That alone is an overwhelming concept when you’re just diving into the tech pool. The happy news is that, unless you become a salesperson or installer, you never have to learn it all! You only have to learn about the tech you need to make your road life easier.

That said, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to new developments in power and technology. I feel blessed to have come across, early in my pre-nomad knowledge quest, two related resources; from both of which I learned most of what now know about these subject, and both of which I could not live comfortably without on the road. I list them ahead of everything else in this section because they have dealt and continue to deal at some level, with all of the sub-topics listed above.

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