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Since I live in my RV, I can travel to pretty much any place to teach effective metal detecting techniques to beginners.

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The first title in my QuickStart Guide Series, Metal Detecting for Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started

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Either through my presentations at RV events, my book, or personal classes, you can learn how to get started in the interesting, rewarding and just plain fun hobby of metal detecting. As a nomad, you’ll constantly be able to discover new and different places to hunt lost underground treasures!

Glossary – Vocabulary and Slang

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“An excellent book whether you still need to pick out a metal detector or you’ve been at it a while. Very easy to read and understand, offers tips that might otherwise get missed and a must read for anyone interested in the hobby. This book has been needed in the detecting community for quite a while.”  – J. Johnson










“Just got back into metal detecting again and was looking for a start-up book to get me going. Very informative. Highly recommended for anyone taking up the sport for the first time, or needing a bit of a refresher course from being away from detecting for a while.”
– Mich

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