RVing/Nomad Smartphone Apps

Rapid technological evolution has created our current world, in which those of us who have to work can still choose to live on the road. The Internet was a game-changer for all of us, both in work, play and education. And apps are an extension of that technology, little mini-extensions that allow us to access the Internet in a very narrow and focused way, for specific uses.

What’s beautiful about this is that just about any topic or subject has its own group of apps. It’s no different for RVing and nomadism. I actually have so many RVing apps, that I have separated them into groups on my iPhone: 

  • RV/Nomad Campgrounds & Parking – Specifically for helping to locate good spots to stay, either overnight or longer term. Because this is challenging, this is the largest category of RV apps I use.
  • RV/Nomad Driving & Route Planning – These apps make the actual road trip easier
  • RV/Nomad Road Tech – Apps that help with the digital connection and communication part of being a digital nomad
  • RV/Nomad Miscellaneous – RV-related apps that don’t fit into any of the other categories
  • Weather on the Road – This is a major category for me, as a certified SkyWarn Weather Spotter and sometime storm chaser. I obviously don’t chase storms when pulling my rig—that would be beyond stupid. But when I’m not and I get the chance to chase, I’ll still do it. But knowing what I do about extreme weather and especially severe storms, I am completely appalled at the number of RVers I meet who not only don’t travel with a weather radio, but who don’t even know what one is! The good news is: Yep…there’s an app for that.