Because the weather continues to be so inconsistent, and because much of the rainy, humid, nastier stuff has tended to come on weekends when I would normally be doing much of the trailer renovation work, I have found myself grabbing snippets of time as I’m able to here and there. This has resulted in something of a dearth of majorly involved projects getting completed.

While this is a frustrating situation, I suppose it might also be seen as one that has allowed me to focus more on details than I might otherwise been able to do. That’s a positive thing, in my book. I’m very much a detail person, and they matter to me, especially in crafting a living space. So today, I’m going to describe one of the smaller, more detail-y projects I recently completed.

You may remember from an earlier post, I tore out a useless old stereo speaker from the now non-existent radio/cassette player system that was apparently removed some time ago. With the advent of digital media and bluetooth speakers, I couldn’t see the sense in trying to replace that or to use newer players with old speakers, so I just removed it.

I wanted to create a spice rack in that space, but it ended up being too shallow, and engineering some way to keep the spice jars in that tiny space would have required more work than it was worth. So I ended up instead simply covering it with a board and finding a wire spice rack to mount on that.

I measured and cut a piece of 1/8 inch luan for the backboard, and shaped it to follow the lines of the cabinet. I mounted the rack on the board, then attached the board to the cabinet end, and I’m quite pleased with the way it worked out.

Spice rackRight now, it’s a bit rough-looking. But once I get it painted and add a bit of soft molding around the edge to both finish it off and provide some protection for people’s heads who may be sitting next to it, I think it’ll look really nice.

I’ve provided two slightly different views (in different lighting conditions) to show varying details here. What do you think?